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   Pen Scanner : Inputs Directly into Word/ Excel/Outlook without typing     Book Scanner : Mobiscan Twin - Delux  &  Delux Plus
                                                                                                                            * With Special DeepBind Design - For Scaning right inside the BookBindings
                                                                                                                                Highly Useful for Scanning Books / Volumes / Registers / Directories
                                                                                                                            * With Double Roller - for Perfect Roll on Scan
                                                                                                                            * With Large 1.8" Clear Display, to see immediately scan result
                                                                                                                            * Scan into JPG/ PDF as you want, directly
                                                                                                                            * Multiple Best Product - Award Winner
                                                                                                                            * Twin : Two-in-One, Use Roll on or As Auto Sheet Feed Also
Plus - 1. For Colorful & Vivid Scan With 900 DPI 
                                                                                                                               2. Powerful Li-Poly Battery 400 Scans/Charge
3.Scan to Cloud :  See from Anywhere With Your Phone/Tabs/Pad/PC
                                                                                                                               4. PDF Merge : Get One Single PDF File for e-Book, from Multiple PDFs
                                                                                                                               5.Date & Time Setting : Helps for Quick Identification of  your Scan Images
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                              Pen Scanner                                                                         MobiScan  Delux / Delux Plus                             MobiScan  Twin Delux  / Twin  Delux Plus                         

  MobiScan :  Scan Without PC / Power , Copmpact - Small- Lightweight to Scan  Anywhere

  *Scan Without PC & Power, Colour : B/W, Upto : A4 / 600 DPI
  *Stores as JPEG on MicroSD,( Supports upto 32 GB card ),so ready for Instant transfer from your Mobile
  *Connects on USB, so useful as Pendrive also
  *Comes with OCR Software, useful to get text easily, without Typing into your Documents
  *Very Small like 10"- Foot Ruler & Light Weight just 213 Grams , so very easy to carry, Anywhere

With Latest Features :

1. Time Settings - To Assign Date & Stamp For your Scanned images

2.New OCR software - for Full Page Image Conversions into Word / Excel / PDF instead of only ScreenShot

With Special Promotion Free Offer worth Rs.1,000  1]  4 GB Micro SD card Free  2]  Charger &  3] Two Rechargeable Batteries

                               Price Rs.5,713 + 5 % VAT ,On the Shelf -  With Free Offer

                               Without Free Offer :  Rs. 5,143  + 5 % VAT, On the Shelf

To see its Web demo - Please Click Here To Get Mail from us  :  Note-My Name-PhoneNo-and-Send-Web Demo-Link/URL-For- Mobi-Scan


 Special Promo Offer : 4 GB Micro SD Card FREE + One Charger with Two Rechargeable Batteries Set FREE- Worth Appx. Rs.1,000

  Price Rs.5,713 + 5 % VAT ,On the Shelf -  With Free Offer

  Without Free Offer :  Rs. 5,143 + 5 % VAT, On the Shelf

 User's Comments on Our Mobiscan

**I am using your Mobi Scan for more than a month and am very happy with the product.
    Conversion Software also serves majority of cases (only in mathematical symbols/equations I am finding some errors).
    Would surely like to try some more innovative products from your site.
    Wishing all the best. -  From Pune

**This is an amazing product and my team has already started using thee scanner and is finding it so user friendly.
    Most of all thanks for the great customer relationship. Right from the time I called up to inquire about this product
    till the purchase and receipt of it you have been of great assistance and support.
    Thanks once again.
    All the Best in your endeavors. --  From Goa

**Thanx, I received this product and we are happy to say that it is wonderful product for those, who travel more and need to scan various doc on the fly.
    The output of the scanner is good, particular hand written documents. --- From Kanpur

**He Has Bought Mobiscan & Pocket Disk from Us :
    I am using these two products since last 10 days. For me both these products are very useful .These are just like Daily Utility Products for me.
 I am very happy and more than satisfied with these two products. These are very well worth buying for me.
I am really very thankful to you for extending all your co-operations & services as well  in getting me these two products.
Hope you will keep me informed about such good & useful products in future also. --- From Chadigarh

**The scanner is wonderful. It is an essential tool for working field executives -- From Jabalpur

 **I received the product. 
   I used it for some days at home and in office and I must tell you that  I am very impressed with the product. 
  1. It is very handy and can be carried to office/home in the bag.
   2. It is highly user-friendly
   It is small... visual indications are very smart. minimal settings are required. we can quickly change between colour / mono and low/high resolution.
   I can quickly hook it in USB port and can copy the files... or use a micro SD card reader.
   The rollers below the scanners are a big help and also is the page guide marker.
   I have scanned about 20 objects including paper and desk and it works very well. the quality is very good.
  The software - Screenshot reader is very easy to use and converts high resolution, heavy files into very very very small like 1/30th size. its amazing
-- From Hyderabad

   To see its Web demo - Please Click Here To Get Mail from us  :  Note-My Name-PhoneNo-and-Send-Web Demo-Link/URL-For- Mobi-Scan


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